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Chicken Kofta Recipe

Chicken kofta recipe curry or chicken koftay ka salan is a conventional Pakistani curry made of chicken meatballs that are stewed in an onion-based curry. Present with cured onions, and rice or roti.

chicken kofta recipe

Articulated as koftay/kofte, Pakistani or Indian style koftas are made of ground hamburger, chicken or sheep (contingent upon strict inclinations) and molded into round balls like Italian and Swedish meatballs. Rather than being barbecued or singed, they are stewed into an onion based curry (what is alluded to as a salan locally). In Pakistan, koftas are generally made of hamburger mince, notwithstanding, the formula I am sharing today is for chicken kofta curry or chicken koftay ka salan – and it’s a formula that my mom created after my dad began keeping away from meat because of wellbeing reasons.

Chicken mince can be on the tasteless side, and it requires spices and flavors to make up for that absence of flavor. It took my mom a couple of attempts, however when she sorted out the formula, this chicken kofta curry transformed into a family top choice, being made consistently at home for ordinary dinners as well as dawaats. Not exclusively are these chicken koftas better, they are so delicate and fragile that they in a real sense liquefy in your mouth. Peruse on ahead to figure out my mom’s chicken kofta curry formula.
Tips on making chicken kofta recipe:
1-Utilize boneless chicken blocks and interaction the meatball blend yourself as opposed to buying pre-ground chicken mince from the butcher.
2-On the off chance that you don’t have a food processor, then, at that point, you can get chicken mince from the butcher. Finely hack the other meatball fixings and combine as one.
3.Be cautious while moving the chicken koftas in the sauce – utilize a spoon or move the pot around utilizing pot holders. As the koftas are produced using chicken, they are inclined to breaking.
4.The meatballs can be made ahead of time a day prior – cover them with stick wrap and refrigerate for the time being. They can likewise be frozen – spread them out on a baking plate and freeze for 60 minutes. Whenever they are frozen, eliminate them from the plate and put them in a Ziploc sack. When you are prepared to make the chicken kofta salan, add the frozen koftas in the sauce and increment cooking time by 5 minutes.
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Chicken Kofta Curry or Chicken Meatball Curry
Chicken kofta curry or chicken koftay ka salan is a
customary Pakistani curry made of chicken meatballs
that are stewed in an onion-based curry. Present with
cured onions, and rice or roti.
CuisineIndian, Pakistani
KeywordChicken Kofta, Chicken Kofta Curry
Prep Time30 minutes
Cook Time1 hour
Chicken Kofta Resting Time30 minutes
Absolute Time2 hours
Servings6 individuals
For chicken koftas/chicken meatballs:
2 kg boneless chicken cut into 3D shapes
4 medium onions cut into quarters
1 inch piece ginger
½ pack mint
2 teaspoon garam masala

4 teaspoon cumin seeds
4 green stew
5 tablespoons chickpea flour, cooked otherwise called gramflour or besan
2 tablespoons oil
4tablespoon coriander powder dhaniya powder
2 teaspoon salt
4 teaspoon red stew powder
For the curry/sauce:
4 tablespoon oil
4 onion cleaved
2 tablespoon yogurt
2 tablespoon ginger garlic glue
24teaspoon coriander powder
3 teaspoon red stew powder
1 teaspoon salt acclimate to taste
Technique for making chicken koftas/chicken meatballs:
Place every one of the fixings recorded under the chicken kofta/meatball area in a food processor. Beat for around 20 – 30 seconds till the chicken is transformed into mince, and the other fixings are combined as one. Try not to process an excess of else the combination will be excessively pale.
Place the meatball blend in the refrigerator for somewhere around 30 minutes.
Remove the blend from the refrigerator and structure meatballs around 1 inch in breadth. Utilize a little oil to lube your hands to make it simpler to frame the meatballs. In the event that the blend is excessively delicate, add 1 – 2 teaspoons of broiled chickpea flour. Put away.
Heat oil in large pot. Fry onions till brilliant then take them out leaving the oil in the pot.
Mix onions with yogurt in blender till a glue is framed.
Heat the extra oil from the onions and add ginger garlic glue, coriander powder, red stew powder and salt. Saute for 2-3 minutes.
Add the mixed onion and yogurt blend. Cook on medium hotness, and mix the blend continually till it diverts a brilliant earthy colored tone from an underlying cream-ish shading. Assuming the zest blend is adhering to the base, add water in little augmentations. This cycle is designated “bhunna” in Urdu/Hindi and is finished when oil should be visible on top of the masala.
Add 3 cups of water to the masala and let it reach boiling point.
When the curry is at a bubble, add the chicken koftas/meatballs and cook for 5 minutes. Be cautious while adding the koftas with the goal that they don’t break, and on second thought of utilizing a spoon move the pot around utilizing kitchen towel/pot holders to consolidate the kofta’s in the salan/curry. The explanation being that since the koftas are produced using chicken, they are very delicate and inclined to breaking, henceforth the best technique is to twirl the pot around with a spoon possibly being utilized whenever required.
Cook on high fire for 10-12 minutes, then, at that point, let it stew for around 30 minutes till cooked. Sauce can be changed on private inclination – I lean toward a more slender sauce, yet a significant number individuals favor a more thicker sauce.
Embellish with green coriander just prior to serving.
Present with a straightforward serving of mixed greens of cut onions, salt, vinegar and new coriander alongside new roti and additionally steamed rice.


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