Natural health

Natural health

Natural health

Natural health Physical, mental and spiritual health is natural health.

Characteristics of Natural Health:


1- Have a deep sleep.

2- When you wake up in the morning, your body should move in the water and you should be hopeful.

3-Stools are clean, loose and regular

4-There is a natural hunger.

5-May there be interest and peace in work all day.

6-Abdomen should be lower than the chest.

7-Do not want imitation and dynamism.

8-May the heart always be happy and full of spiritual service.

9-They had the strength to work for many hours without it.

10-Be in the habit of engaging in constructive work.

11-Be sweet in the tongue.

12-Light shines from your face.

13-Shine in the eyes and be fearless.

14-Always have a smile on your face.
15-There is always a sense of youth and death.

16-Be in your sight.
17-Sometimes bodily functions are normal and easy.

Recognition of the diseased body

1-Abnormality of any bodily function.

2-No deep sleep.

3-Stools are loose and lumpy.

4-Do not feel hungry.

5-Desire to eat chili spices.

6-Odor from the skin.


7-Abdomen larger than breast.

8-Heaviness and various discomforts after eating.

9-Baldness is a manifestation of a diseased body. .
10-Having negative thoughts.

11-Tendency to destructive activities.

12-Gets angry quickly.


14-Stay satiated.

15-Do not indulge in any work.

16-Getting tired quickly.

17-Using any intoxicants.
18-Above the eyebrows, the eyelids, the eyebrows, and between the upper eyelids, the eyes
Swelling in places like below.

19-Spots on the face (spots, etc.)

Causes of diseases

Sometimes diseases have only one cause, that is non-sterile (toxic substances) in the body

By the way, nature continues to remove non-racial (poisonous substances). But when the poison is yellow
If there is an excess of substances and a decrease in excretion, they begin to accumulate.

When these toxic substances increase, the functions of the body’s organs are hindered
And the germs start to flourish, but nature still gives him fever, vomiting, diarrhea, cold, cough, etc
(Acute Diseases) takes out the germs. But when this process is suppressed with medicines etc
If it goes, later the diseases become old (Chronic Diseases).

causes of accumulation of non-sterile or toxic substances:

1-Lack of a balanced diet.

2-Imbalance of alkaline and acidic food

3-Mismatched and inconsistent diet.

4-Consuming spicy, slow-digesting, and fiber-free foods.

5-Eating more food.

6-Use of stimulants and stimulants.

7-Eating late at night.

8-Imbalance of the five elements of the body (easy air, sun, water and soil).
9-Exercising physically and mentally and not getting adequate rest.

10-Fear, worry, anger and stress.

11-Medicines suppress the process of removing toxins from the body.

12-Urges, Stool, Urine, Flatus, Vomiting
Preventing sneezing, belching, coughing, hunger, thirst, tears, sleep, rest etc.

14-dirty environment

14-Constant sitting.

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