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Please tell me how to check the font size in a web application,

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Please tell me how to check the font size in a web application, whether it is asked for the requirement or not,And if you want to check the font size onany web application, there are two very easy ways that I’m going to tell you One of thevery straightforward way is you can go to any browser, go to your web application, andyou can right-click on any web element And there is an option for Inspector Inspect elementIf you go there, it will open a window where you can actually see the Dome And you canalso see the CSS So you can check the font size or any other design that you want tovalidate So this is 1 way The other thing is in Chrome browser, there are some verygood extensions So I will tell you about two very good extension on Chrome So let us goto our Chrome browser And here if you go to the apps and go to Web store So basicallyyou have to go to the extension page And here there is a plug in called What Font Just typewhat font and click Enter And you can see this is the plugin or this is the extensionso you can add it to your Chrome I have already added it Now, once you have added this toyour Chrome tell me how to check the font size in a web application,/

browser, if you go to any website, let me go to and here once you go to your web application, you will have this What font extension here now, if you click on this extension, you can now go to any of the elements and you can see it is giving you the font name. So for example, here it is saying WardenaHere it is saying serif, And here Century Gothic You can also click and it will give you all the information on the font size, font weight, style, line, height, color, and so on So this is going to be very easy and straightforward The other extension is CSSViewer So again, go to your Chrome extensions and search for CSS Viewer. And this is the extension You can add it I have already added it And now again, you can click on this extension here And now you can see wherever I am going, it is giving you all the details on the design, the font and the text, the color, and the background And whatever is the details of that particular element Box positioning effects everything is there Right? So wherever you will take it, it will give you the details of that particular element Now, in case you already have a Selenium framework and you want to add this validation of font checking inside your automation framework then in Selenium, there is a function called Get CSS Value And if you give the option font size, it will get the font size of that particular element, and then you can do your validation over there So these are the very basic and easy and straightforward ways how you can shape the font of where the application in the comment section Do let me know which one do you like the best, or if you have some other very easy ways of finding out and checking the fonts on web applications to mention in the comments section.

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