How to Make a YouTube Channel: A Step-by-Step Exercises For Beginners

How to Make a YouTube Channel: A Step-by-Step Exercises For Beginners

Step Exercises For Beginners

Step Exercises For Beginners 1-Sign in to YouTube on a computer or the mobile site.

2-Click your profile picture. Create a channel.

3-You’ll be asked to create a channel.

4-Check the details (with your Google Account name and photo) and confirm to create your channel.

Step Exercises For Beginners

Section 1: Sign in to YouTube

Step Exercises For Beginners

Go to on your computer.

Click your profile picture in the top right-hand corner.

Click the Change Account Settings link.

Enter your Google Account.

Enter your username.

Click Create Account.

Section 2: Setting Up Your Channel

If you don’t have a You Tube Channel, first create a Youtube ID.


Sign in to your You Tube Account on the web.

Go to your Account Settings page.

Go to Your You tube Channel in the list of pages.

Click Create a Youtube Channel.

Fill in your Channel Name.

Fill in your username.

Go back to your Youtube account page and click Save.

Section 3: Creating Your Content

Create a channel!

Choose Your Title.

Choose a Video Title.

Choose your Description.

You can also use YouTube’s built-in text editor or program to create your description.

Create Your Channel

1-Go to your Google Account homepage

2-Click Video Creation on the right-hand side of the page.

How to Make a YouTube

3-On the right-hand side of the page click “Get started” and sign in to your YouTube account.

4-You’ll be asked to choose a cover image and photo.

5-Select the content you want to share.

6-Select a video and click “Create Video”

7-You’ll be asked to name your channel, enter a title, description, an email address and select whether to monetize your channel.

8-Click Create channel.

How to Make YouTube videos (step by step guide)

1-Upload a video to YouTube

Go to your Google Account homepage

3-Click Videos on the right-hand side of the page

4-Select Upload a Video

How to Make a YouTube


5-Click Video Upload

6-Make your choice.

7-You’ll be asked to select the resolution of the video.

8-Upload the video.

Choose a ChannelStep Exercises For Beginners

The name of your channel is the name you’re going to put in the title at the top of the page. For most channels, the name will be the name of the person (or pet) you’re talking about. It’s okay to use their first name, or initials. Use it as often as you want! (You can change it at any time.)

Don’t Forget Video Editing mmmmmmm

Of course you don’t want your video to be of no use to anyone, but it’s important to keep it simple. You should probably use the YouTube mobile app for this if you’re editing on the go. You’ll get a preview of what you’re doing, and it’s easier to know how long it’s going to be before it’ll be ready to upload. If you’re unsure, simply click the “Record” button and select a quality setting.

Add Your Profile Photo

Choose a profile photo (either a current photo or one you have downloaded) that represents you.

Add Your Details and Channel

Enter the name of your channel, and your Google Account name and channel.

Video Requirements

Title of Video: Title of video tells viewers what the video is about.

Description: A brief description of the video. Do not use more than 150 words.

Length: 8 minutes or less

Ex. The title of your video would be “Imagination is The Element of Innovation” or “Developing Geniuses.”

Enter your channel in the next step

Add Your Channel

Click your profile picture again.

Select YouTube Channel. You will be given with options to verify your channel.

Use My Account to verify your channel.

Click Submit

Add a Custom Channel Message

Leave the field blank.

Configure Channel Settings

Choose Account Type, click Sign In & Account Type, and create a channel. Then choose your username and display name, and log in with your account.

Click Video Playback Settings.

Set Playback Type to Most Convenient.

Select Video Path.

Set Video Duration to 10 Minutes.

and select Video Duration to 10 Minutes. Select Video Duration: Auto.

and select Video Duration: Auto. Click Video Playback Resolution.

You can also make more advanced videos in which your video takes priority over ads or other videos.

Click General Settings.

Disable Content ID.

Click Additional Video Options.

Turn on Enable Full-screen mode.

Turn off Autoplay.

Click OK to save your settings.

Add Videos to Your Channel

Enter the URL for your videos.

General settings

YouTube will provide this screen when you open your channel:

Step-by-step guides:

What You Need to Know Before You Sign Up

How to Prepare Your Content

This involves:

Step Exercises For Beginners

Selecting a Cover Photo and Other Images. When you go to create your channel, YouTube suggests adding a cover photo. You can include one or upload one from a photo album. It should be about the height and width of your thumbnail. Then go to the Library section on your account page to select the other images. The list has to be no more than 300 bytes.

Avoid having other types of copyrighted content such as copyrighted music, images, or video. Go to your account page and select the Library section. Select “Google Albums” to get your list of images. Add your cover photo and other images by right-clicking on them.

Video upload settings

YouTube currently offers 7 files options for your videos.

2. Audio Only: Creates your video without audio, but you will only see its title. You can use it for educational videos, but be careful of user-uploaded copyright material.

Cinema or 7.1 Audio: Creates your video with sound. You will see that the title has “Audio Only” without the subtitle.

MP3 Audio: Creates your video with audio. The audio is only displayed during playback.

VGA Quality: Creates your video with 640×480 screen resolution. You will see that the title is displayed but only the name is visible.

AUDIO Only: Creates your video with no audio. You will see that the title is displayed but only the name is visible.

GIF Quality: Creates your video with 100% minimum resolution (0.4 Mb).

Enable Google+ integration

If you want to leverage the most benefit from having a YouTube channel, you need to be able to actively participate in YouTube. Even if you don’t have a huge subscriber count (although I hope you do!) – it’s a great way to spread your message and your views to a wide audience. By joining the Google+ community you’ll be able to get direct feedback on your videos, get involved with various projects, and interact with other artists.

Google+ has many other features that will increase your channel’s success and provide you with the tools to increase your channel’s conversion rate – sign up here.

Show off your talents

You can upload your own music, create music videos, cover songs, or sing along to your favorite tunes.

Turn on live streaming

If you do not already have a verified YouTube channel, follow the steps below to set up one:

1-Sign in to your YouTube account.

2-Click your profile picture.

3-Click Create Channel and give it a name.

4-Post a video in a video play mode to prove your channel is active.

5-Set your frequency of uploads (e.g. Upload at least 5 videos per week).

Turn on monetization

If you have any products you would like to sell you can follow these steps:

1-Open your video tab and look for the autoplay banner. Click the bold blue button.

2-Click Enable monetization.

3-After the video is playing click Enable monetization and enter your Google Account details, your favorite payment processor and your uploaded video ID.

4-Wait for your video to autoplay.


You’ve just started your first YouTube channel. Now, you’ll just have to stay focused. Since you don’t have videos to upload right now, your channel will just have to be dedicated to collecting followers and subscribers. This means, the videos and any other content you post will only be for you and the people who subscribe to your channel. In order to have enough subscribers to get your videos featured on YouTube’s top videos list, you have to post consistently.

No, I’m not telling you that you need to upload your video and wait for the subscriber count to grow. I suggest that you start uploading videos every single day, or every week if possible. You can start posting once you have enough subscribers.


Step Exercises For Beginners

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