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Which does not lose weight from anything.

Which does not lose weight from anything.

Which does not lose weight from anything.

Let him choose how long the first day of his weight loss regimen will be. That is the patient’s choice only. Imagine that tomorrow is Thursday. This is how he would spend that day. For the remaining two days, he would carefully watch what he eats. I assume that he would try to be more careful with those times of day. He might take only slim meals such as oatmeal, eggs, and tomatoes. Obviously, you will be surprised at what comes out of those days.

I see the doctor’s face start to get pale when he heard the word “restricted diet” for the first time, but then take it back and swallow it like that. After he remembered the word restricted diet he began to calmly explain to the doctor his reasons for choosing this type of weight loss regimen. He told the doctor that he wants to lose weight and avoid having a potential physical problem. I think that he just wants to satisfy his self-image. I do not really know what he expects, but those questions take a back seat when the doctor’s smile gets wider and bigger.

Is that too restrictive? Since he had the option of calorie counting anyway, what are the chances that there is another problem that arises with the restricted diet? She starts to sweat when she hears the word restricted diet again.

But imagine that she gave him a single day. Therefore, on that day he will plan his meals the same way like a person who’s trying to lose weight. He won’t be forcing himself to go to a “fast”, but food that he eats will be limited. Now imagine he has done all the steps he has thought of. The doctor will not make much fuss about whether he has been successful or not. She will simply be glad that he has been doing the complete path planned for him. As she is taking him to lunch and dinners, she will be satisfied that he’s in no hurry and he has not lost any weight on the lost day.

It’s only by telling this doctor that he should, the patient needs to endure most of the suffering. He needs to be physically away from his fellows and family to apply this experiment. To have something fixed is to think that what we lack is, also to be allowed into the market. The doctor will be too busy taking other patients to lunch and dinner. Meanwhile, the patient will be alone, self-conscious and sad. Just imagine a day when he has failed to gain any weight and he runs from bus stations to the hospital.

Consider, however, if he applied this process to his psychiatrist. He has to follow this restricted diet for a week. Then he will come to the psychiatrist’s office and tell him what he is doing. He needs to tell him what day he had. On that day, the doctor will be too busy with other patients that he’ll have to leave him alone. The doctor will also be used to this symptom for a week. You will find a nursing home for her to have access to the beds. So she will be tempted to declare that she is dieting with medicines instead of cutting down calories. It can actually scare the doctor and perhaps recommend her to a physician with a blood pressure monitor.

The doctors will come to check his weight on week six. The doctor will be happy to see the results. However, with this continued treatment, they will not see much improvement in his health. It is easy to blame some other problem on the patient, but in this case, it is the patient himself. He did something that can easily be avoided if he has applied the new control program before. That means that he could not remember to eat properly on one day of his treatment.

If he loses only 5 kg, he will just be happy that he lost no more weight. In fact, a few days from the first diet will have him back to his previous weight. The nurse will wonder how he acquired a physique like that. The doctor will be happy that he lost no weight and even gave up on the stress. It is too bad because he may be in a longer term treatment. What is most depressing is when he realizes that some people lost weight after day one of the program.

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