How to Start a Grocery Delivery Service

How to Start a Grocery Delivery Service

Grocery delivery as a service business is thriving because people cannot spare the time for such routine tasks as buying groceries. If you need to start up a service business with very little investment, then you should look into the possibility of how to start a grocery delivery service.


The first thing would be to find a suitable location where people are willing to pay for this service. The ideal location would be a retirement village because seniors have limited mobility and usually lack transportation.

Next for how to start a grocery delivery service contact stores in your area to work out a program. Although many grocery stores offer to deliver groceries, still it is cheaper for them to work with an independent party to deliver their groceries. Now you must also decide on your delivery charges. Some contractors charge a flat delivery fee on top of the cost of groceries or charge per item cost. Visit other grocery businesses to learn their modus operandi.

Incorporate your business to protect your assets from accidents. If an employee is involved in an accident and the fault is his/hers, then the injured party could sue you and your company unless you are incorporated.

Determine a time for delivery that suits both you and the customer. Ascertain how many hours or at what hours you can work and make the deliveries accordingly. It would be cheaper to deliver groceries for one area at a given time to save time.

Your must also decide how far you will travel for the deliveries. You could serve just your neighborhood, or if you are delivering within the city, then consider whether you will charge extra for deliveries beyond the city limits. Start small and increase your business gradually as you get comfortable with the workload.

For how to start a grocery delivery service market your services by advertising in stores. Hand out flyers and advertise through direct mail, or by placing ads in your local newspaper. This is a wonderful open market business and very much in demand. You are your own boss, and make a profit of around 20% to 50% and even get to set your own schedules.

To succeed in your delivery business you need; reliable transportation, a computer, printer and Internet access, a business phone, customer service skills and a strong back to lift up to 50 pounds or more as groceries are heavy.

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