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How do you cook the perfect chicken dish? Not only must you have the perfect chicken recipe
but choosing the right chicken is just as important. Chicken rearing and production will decide
the flavor and texture of the chicken. The age of the bird is just as equally essential. How do you
choose the correct chicken for cooking? A free-range chicken is regarded to be tastier compared
to a factory-farmed chicken. If you want to grill chicken or saute chicken, you must definitely
buy a young chicken. What are the different types of chicken that you must know before
learning to cook an easy chicken recipe? Poussins are baby chickens that are four to six weeks
old and a poussin (Cornish game hen) can be bought fresh or frozen. A double poussin usually
weighs about one kilogram and is best used for grilling (broiling) or spit-roasting. Broilers are
two to four months old chicken that is used in your grilled chicken recipes. Roasting chickens
are eight to nine months old birds that are best for casseroling and roasting. Boiling fowl are
chickens that is more than one year old which are used in chicken recipes that require slow
casserole cooking or soup and stock making. Capon is a unique type of bird that is basically a
cockerel that has been injected with hormone capsules to neuter the cockerel. This type of


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